ООО "Инновации в ТЭК"
              Phone city Tyumen
+7 (3452) 215-245

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INTEK boasts its innovative research findings and project engineering that make the company highly competitive on the well drilling market. Company’s customers may benefit from unique technological solutions, invented and patented by INTEK’s experts together with the materials and equipment, specially designed to meet the requirements of innovative production, as they proved to be highly efficient in comparison to the non-effective traditional approaches to the well drilling.

All types of the performed works are licensed in the Department of natural resources and the development of oil and gas sector ofthe Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District administration and in Federal Agency for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision.

The management team of the company do their best to enhance company’s material and technical supply. The staff of the enterprise regularly attend re-training courses and obtain new qualifications in the educational institutions of geologic and geophysical field.

 Nowadaysopen joint-stock company “Research and Production Enterprise INTEK – Innovation in Fuel and Energy Sector” is one of the modern, dynamically-developing companies, which managed to develop its strengths and expand significantly.

The professionalism of company’s experts, high quality of the provided services and long-term partnerships contribute immensely to the prosperity of the enterprise.


CNOG and INTEK both sides expressed the intention of cooperation,the two sides in the market and technology integration are complementary, CNOG expressed willingness to cooperate with INTEX to enter the Russian oil service market,for the specific ways and details of cooperation in-depth communicate with the both sides.

Center Innovation

The developed acid composition INNFES-PYH has proved its effectiveness.
New design of the over-bit shock absorber
Shock absorber GMA-200 is a new model of shock absorbers, the model is patented.


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